Monthly Archives: March 2012

What do you Value?

We live by our values but does anyone actually know what they are or what it means? A value is usually a single word which defines who you are and what you believe in, e.g. Fun, Adventure, Happiness, Integrity, Authentic, Recognition, Wealth, etc.

As a small business owner, your values are most likely your personal values. If you value “integrity” and “fun”, then your business should incorporate this – it’s a reflection of who you are and also easier to work with. For example, if “adventure” isn’t on your value list, then trying to create a business which has “adventure” as a value will be difficult since you don’t see it as important in your life. You may feel that it’s good for the business to market this, but if you’re heart isn’t into being adventurous, it will be difficult to implement.

Below are some values, there are many more. Which ones resonate with you? In the next blog, we’ll see how you can use these in your business.

Abundance, Acceptance, Achievement, Adventure, Ambition, Authenticity, Challenge, Charity, Competitiveness, Contribution, Creativity, Excellence, Family, Fame, Freedom, Fun, Happiness, Honesty, Humility, Independence, Innovation, Integrity, Justice, Leadership, Loyalty, Passion, Peace, Recognition, Relationships, Reliability, Respect, Safety, Security, Service, Spirituality, Success Trust, Wealth