Monthly Archives: April 2012

Just Be It!

The most important part of being successful in MLM is your mindset. My expertise in NLP really helped me at the beginning of my journey because I knew that my behaviours and actions would derive from my mindset.

So what does that mean? OK, so let’s say you’ve just signed up and you’re working out who to tell about this great opportunity. Are you scared of making those calls, not quite sure what to say, worried about the questions you’ll get?

Take a look at your beliefs and be honest – are you really confident that you can get someone interested enough in the business to sign up and want to work with you? Or deep down is there a fear or belief that you’re just not good enough?

You see, all these deep seated beliefs and fears will come across in the conversations you have with potential business partners. Do you think they’ll say ‘yes’ to joining you if at some level they hear that?

Now think of a leader in your business – put yourself into their mindset. They’ve signed up hundreds of people and are financially free. Do you think in their minds they have any fears and doubts about telling people of this opportunity? Of course not! They have complete confidence in themselves. So when they speak to someone, that confidence comes through and the prospect will know this person is worth listening to.

This is what I learnt – be and act successful before it really happens. And you know what, it worked!

Stretch Your Mind

You see, what happens is that as you create that successful mindset, your actions and habits become those of a leader,  you speak like a leader,  you exude confidence and people want to work with you.

Would you rather work with an apologetic, insecure business partner or someone who has confidence, enthusiasm and the determination to succeed? That’s the difference in mindset between a newbie and an experienced leader. The beauty is, you don’t have to wait until you reach the top to be like that – quite the opposite, you’ll only reach the top if you act like a leader now!

So take a look at leaders you admire and start to emulate their attitudes, habits and behaviours. Know inside that you have what it takes to be as good as them.

Can I Really Call Them?!

When you join an MLM, most times your upline tells you to make a list of family and friends and then let everyone on this list know about this great new venture you’ve joined. At this point, you’re full of excitement and so you go and tell them all about this amazing new business and how it’s the best and they most likely look at you strangely and wonder if you’ve joined some new cult! They may even tell you not to be so stupid and how have you got what it takes to become successful in this scheme which is most likely a pyramid!

Stay Positive Always

Heard that before? You’re full of excitement and new possibilities and they just throw cold water all over your enthusiasm. At the same time, they may make you doubt your great opportunity and your ability to succeed.

So what is the answer? In the beginning, it’s important to stay upbeat and positive, so I recommend not to tell family/friends who won’t support you. I mean, you’re trying to make a change so why let people take that away from you? I knew my family would think me crazy so why add extra hassle to a dream which I knew I could fulfill.

I know most MLMs say these are the steps to take but that’s if you have a great supportive family and network of friends. My family are all 9-5 workers, they’d never think of owning their own business and they wouldn’t believe I was capable of it either, so I knew I couldn’t let them crush my dreams.

So make up your own mind. By all means tell them if you think they’d like the products, would benefit and they usually listen and support you. But if in your heart you know they’ll tell you your crazy, leave them be for a while. Once you’re making your hundreds of thousands, you’ll be surprised at how they’ll change their minds and want your advice on how to do it!