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How You Can Be an Olympian

Sometimes to succeed in business, we don’t need great business ability or skills, we just need persistence! There’s a great story that Harrison Ford became successful because he decided to stick around and wait for the others around him to give up!

We think that we should have a successful business in a few months, a year, etc when in reality it can take years to create such a business. The Olympics in London have just finished yet the athletes are already thinking about Rio in 2016! They know it’s years away yet they’ll still be out there day after day, in all weathers training for that one day. Their mindset is one of persistence and endurance. Even on the day itself they don’t know whether or not they’ll get a medal, but they keep training because of the vision and goal they have to succeed.

It’s the same with your business. You started it for a reason, and hopefully you have a vision of how it will look when it’s successful. OK, you don’t have a specific day when it’ll be successful but keep the flame of that vision alive when things get tough. Create the mindset of persistence – you will keep going and take the actions needed to become successful.

The thing is, why not spend the next 5 years creating a successful business as opposed to giving up now because things aren’t going to plan. What are you going to do for the next 5 years after you’ve given up – go back to what you were doing. Then you know that there’s no way you’ll succeed. Wouldn’t it be better to keep on trying? You will get somewhere with persistence, it may take a while, but isn’t that better than just giving up?

Is Selling so Awful?

Whatever your business – multi-level marketing (MLM), networking or trading on your own, if you’re new to it, then chances are that you may have problems “selling” your products or services. My background is in IT, nothing whatsoever to do with business, so when I started my business, I had to work on getting over selling since I associated this to a shady car dealer trying to rip me off!

Supply the Missing Piece

So my concept of selling was someone trying to make me buy something I really didn’t want. This is a bit silly really since when I do want a new car, or new TV etc. I’m quite open to getting advice from someone selling these products. Selling isn’t really the problem since people do buy what they need, it’s our attitude towards it which we need to change.

From my training in NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) it’s about “reframing” the problem, i.e. viewing it from a perspective which makes you feel comfortable. Let’s say you’re selling healthcare supplements; there are plenty of people out there interested in their health and making sure they have the right vitamins. In effect, you’re doing them a service by telling them about your products – you don’t strong arm them into buying your products, you give them the information and they decide whether or not they want them.

Think of what you’re offering people and see the benefits they’ll get from it. Concentrate on this when you sell or market your products/services. Some people will want it and some won’t – that’s fine, your aim is to inform people about it.

When I’ve been recommended a restaurant and enjoyed going there, I’m very glad that I was told about it. In some ways, it’s the same for your business – don’t see it as selling but more informing people of something which they’ll be glad you told them about.

Swim with the Successful People

What sort of people do you hang around with? Are your friends and acquaintances upbeat and positive, or do they like moaning about the world, the economy, how they’ll never afford the car they desire, etc. Of those two groups of people, which do you think have a chance of being successful? Hopefully you said the former group!

Find the Right Crowd

Think about successful people like Richard Branson – do you think they sit around complaining or rather, do you think they let nothing stop them and take action until they succeed. The fact is, we all have setbacks in life, on a personal and professional level. What sets the successful people apart from the complacent ones, is that they never let these setbacks stop them from achieving their goals and dreams. They always focus on being successful whatever their situation.

So think about your friends and the people in your life. Wouldn’t you rather be surrounded by positive people who will support you in your endeavours to create a successful business. When times are bad in our business, we need such people to encourage us and keep going, rather than giving in to people who have the “I told you so” attitude.

That doesn’t mean you drop all your friends. Rather, start to read books which encourage a positive attitude – look on the Internet for sites and articles, e.g. www.success.com (make it your home page!). Go to networking events just to meet like-minded people. Doing these things will help you realise that you’re not alone in creating a successful business. Just like we feed our bodies with healthy food, our thoughts and emotions need a supply of “positive” food to help us along.

Is Your Destination Set To Success?

Are you worried about making a success of your business? Ultimately, it boils down to our mindset – are we completely sure we can be successful?

A few weeks ago, I went to a lovely village called Broadway in the Cotswolds, England. I had a route I wanted to use at the back of my mind but used the sat nav as backup. The sat nav led me a completely different way and throughout the journey I was wandering whether it was taking me to my destination! Eventually I realised that it was 🙂

Destination Success

But the thing which struck me was that when I didn’t know for sure, I had many doubts about the sat nav – why was it taking me this way, would I even get there. Once I knew it was right, those doubts fell away and I could enjoy the journey knowing I would arrive where I wanted.

What struck me is how similar this is to creating a successful business. If you have no business training and are trying to create one, then you may worry and have doubts – have you got what it takes to be build a strong business.

The flip side is if you’re new to business yet know without a doubt that you can be successful – see how different this feels. One make you hesitant about the actions you’re taking, the other gives you the confidence to do what it takes.

That is how you need to think/feel if you want to build a successful business – be 100% certain that it will happen and that you are taking the steps and actions that will get you there. Just feeling like that gives you the confidence to do what it takes. It’s the doubtful thinking which causes us to give up or feel we can’t achieve it so let go of those.

So set yourself the destination of success – see yourself leading a successful, happy business and know with complete certainty that you will reach it.

Do You Really Want To Be Successful?

There are times when we’re doing all then right things, but nothing much seems to happen, or we get to a certain level in the business and just can’t go any higher. What’s going on here?

 As I said before, my training in NLP and interest in neuroscience has made me realize that some of us have fears of success (sounds strange but it is true). Consciously we want the money and financial freedom, but subconsciously we have blocks which are preventing that from happening and subconscious trumps the conscious mind everytime!

You may ask, why on earth would I be scared of being successful? Here are a few reasons:

  • My family/friends may treat me differently once I’m successful.
  • People will want my money.
  • People will become jealous of my success.
  • I won’t know if new friends like me or my money,
  • My old friends may leave me because I’m different to them now.
  • I’ll have too much responsibility handling a successful business.
  • I won’t have any time for myself.
  • I’ll be busy all the time making sure the business is going well.
  • It’s lonely at the top.
  • What do I do once I reach my goal?
  • I’m not sure I can lead people all the time.

That’s just a few! It’s not a question we often ask ourselves since in this society, most people think wanting to be successful is the norm. But this is worth doing to see what’s happening at the subconscious level.

Find some time where you can be alone and in a peaceful place. Close your eyes, breath deeply and relax for a minute or two. Then ask your subconscious if you have fears of success or repeat the statements above and see which ones make you feel uncomfortable. For example, if you say “I’ll have too much responsibility handling a successful business” and you feel  uncomfortable, then that’s a sign that you may have a problem with this.

Write down whatever comes to mind and find the blocks to success. It’s easier to overcome them once you actually see them. One way is to write affirmations to counteract them, e.g.

  • I’m a great leader and can easily head a successful business.
  • I have lots of time to enjoy myself and make sure my business is a success.

Read my blog on affirmations to make sure you write and use them correctly – May 10th, “Get Into The Groove”.

You’re not the only person with these fears. The good thing is there is a solution and all subconscious blocks can be removed once you know what they are.

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