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Is Your Business Stagnant? Turn it around…

Is your business stuck in a rut? You’re trying to get new clients, more products created but nothing seems to be working and it all feels stagnant. Then you may need a change of perspective. As it says in “Three Feet From Gold” by Sharon L. Lechter and Greg S. Reid:

“If you want something to change, then change the way you look at it.”

It’s like when we talk to a friend about a situation and they have different takes on it and so can give you different advice. We get so used to thinking the same way about things, that it seems there is no other way of looking at it.

Architecturally Magnificent or an Eye Sore!? What’s Your Perspective?

So if you’re trying the same marketing strategies or ways of meeting new clients and it’s not working, take a step back and see if you can do it differently, tweak it in some way, etc. Speak to other business owners, people who know about these things and get some advice. There may be another way to market and you just need someone to tell you about it.

Don’t lose heart if you’re business feels stuck. Just change your perspective and give it an injection of some new ideas and methods.

Will They Follow You?

I’ve spoken before about having the mindset of a leader. What exactly is a good leader to you? For example, is a leader someone who has your best interests at heart, do they have integrity, are they honest, do they have what it takes to create a successful business, etc. Sit down and list the qualities a good leader has for you.

Be the Best Leader

If you’re looking to build a team and be a good leader, you should spend time having the qualities on your leader list. There’s no point wanting people on your team if you yourself haven’t got what it takes to lead them – they’ll soon see that and leave you. Think about it, if you’ve worked in a company and had a bad manager, you soon lose respect for them and don’t work as hard.

This is your business you’re building so spend time creating those leadership qualities which people admire and means that they love working with you. As you do that, you’ll attract the right people into your team – the ones who are looking for the leadership qualities you now have.

Smash the Barriers to Success!

In my last blog I wrote about overcoming any blocks you have to success.  This takes courage because we don’t like admitting “bad” things about ourselves – I mean, who wouldn’t want a successful business!

 If you really intend to create a dynamic, successful business, then remove any beliefs and thoughts which are holding you back, otherwise they will hinder you’re progress. Why is this? Because at the subconscious level, these beliefs will determine the actions you take, e.g. how to deal with rejection by clients – will you keep going or will you stop because of rejection fears.

Embrace the Waves of Success

Ultimately, if deep down you don’t think or want to be successful, you won’t be, simple as that. Consciously you may think being financially free and having a great business is your aim, but the subconscious trumps the conscious mind – everytime!

Find some time when you can be alone and admit what is causing you to be fearful of success (see some of the reasons in the last blog). Write it all down – like anything, once you face it, its power over you disappears.

Then take your list and sit down. Read through them and ask yourself if you’re now willing to release them. If you are, rip the list up into pieces knowing that you are releasing all these blocks to success as you do this. Close your eyes and visualise a fire, see the pieces being consumed by the fire. Or see them being washed away by a river – whatever feels good for you.

The aim is to see the blocks being removed. Take a deep breath, exhale and know that they are now gone and you are free to move forward to creating a fabulous, successful business.

What’s The Fuss About Ideal Clients?

So you have your goals, you know exactly how you’ll get people interested in your business. The problem is, you’re so excited about your business, you think everyone you meet will be and so you enthusiastically tell them everything in one go – in a way, you’re puking all over them with your business details (not a very nice analogy, but I hope you get the point!)

Would he be Interested in your Business?

Put yourself in their shoes. A stranger approaches you, introduces him/herself, and before you know it, they’re telling you about an exciting new venture you can join and how brilliant it is! It may be about skincare products, finance packages, vitamin supplements, whatever. Problem is, if you don’t care about any of these things, why on earth would you be interested.

If you really want a Thai dinner, no amount of someone telling you pizzas are great would make you change your mind. It’s like that with everything – if the person you’re speaking to doesn’t have any interest in what you’re saying, they’ll just switch off. So you’ve made your pitch, got another “no” and your confidence has gone again.

Yes, you need people to make your business succeed, but make sure you approach the right people. I don’t want someone trying to sell me a new car when I’ve just bought one or I’m happy with what I have. But if my car keeps breaking down, then I am interested.

Be circumspect – find out whether the person you’re speaking with is looking for another business opportunity, does that potential customer actually value what you have to sell. If a person doesn’t care about vitamins or skincare, then don’t bother telling them or persuading them. It’s mentally wearing and can break your confidence.

A better strategy is to go to those places where people will be interested – say beauty salons or health spas if you’re promoting such products. It’s like the car analogy – there are people interested in what you have to offer so find them first and then give them all the details. They’ll love your excitement and enthusiasm and will listen to what you have to say. This way your confidence in yourself and what you have to offer will increase.

Can I Really Call Them?!

When you join an MLM, most times your upline tells you to make a list of family and friends and then let everyone on this list know about this great new venture you’ve joined. At this point, you’re full of excitement and so you go and tell them all about this amazing new business and how it’s the best and they most likely look at you strangely and wonder if you’ve joined some new cult! They may even tell you not to be so stupid and how have you got what it takes to become successful in this scheme which is most likely a pyramid!

Stay Positive Always

Heard that before? You’re full of excitement and new possibilities and they just throw cold water all over your enthusiasm. At the same time, they may make you doubt your great opportunity and your ability to succeed.

So what is the answer? In the beginning, it’s important to stay upbeat and positive, so I recommend not to tell family/friends who won’t support you. I mean, you’re trying to make a change so why let people take that away from you? I knew my family would think me crazy so why add extra hassle to a dream which I knew I could fulfill.

I know most MLMs say these are the steps to take but that’s if you have a great supportive family and network of friends. My family are all 9-5 workers, they’d never think of owning their own business and they wouldn’t believe I was capable of it either, so I knew I couldn’t let them crush my dreams.

So make up your own mind. By all means tell them if you think they’d like the products, would benefit and they usually listen and support you. But if in your heart you know they’ll tell you your crazy, leave them be for a while. Once you’re making your hundreds of thousands, you’ll be surprised at how they’ll change their minds and want your advice on how to do it!