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Why It’s Important to Focus on Giving

If business isn’t going as well as we want, then the following saying from “Three Feet From Gold” by Sharon L. Lechter and Greg S. Reid can be profitable:

“Focus on your people more than your profits.”

This is similar to the quote from Zig Ziglar:

“You can have everything you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want!”

Your business is about providing a resource or service to other people, so focus more on how you can serve your clients than the profits you’ll get from them.

Focus on Excellent Service

People can pick up when you’re thinking more about the money you’ll get from them than on providing them with a good service. In that case, why would they do business with you?

Focusing on others gets your attention away from what your customers can give to you. Start thinking about how you can provide an excellent service to your clients above and beyond what they expect. Once your customers see that you have their best interests at heart, they’ll come to you and no doubt refer you to others.

Get Into The Right Groove

In a previous blog, I spoke about having a leader’s mindset now. This is also known as the “Be Do Have” model – once you have a leader’s mindset you will do the actions required to have what you desire. It may be hard at times to keep that mindset – those voices may creep in which say how can you be a good leader, what’s so special about you and so on.

One of my interests is neuroscience and how the brain works. Basically, your thoughts and beliefs create “grooves” in the brain. You know, you take the same route to work everyday, sometimes you drive and end up at your destination without even thinking about it much if at all. The grooves help us to act on auto-pilot – we’ve done this so often, we can do it without thinking about it.

Are You in the Right Groove?

So if you want to create different beliefs, you have to create new grooves. Affirmations are a good way of creating these – simple positive statements which are stated in the present and reflect how you want to be and act.

Say you want to have more confidence speaking to people about your business, then affirm:

  • I’m confident when speaking to people about my business.
  • People are always interested in what I have to say about my business.
  • I love telling people about my business.
  • I’m great at leading people and helping them be successful.

Whichever aspect you have trouble with, make some simple affirmations like above. Always use positive words and never have words like “not”, “can’t” etc. (if you want to know why, let me know).

Then say the affirmations throughout the day, or three times in the morning and evening or record them and listen to them when you’re traveling around.

By saying/listening to the affirmations, you’re creating the “leadership success grooves” that will help you get to the top.

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What’s The Fuss About Ideal Clients?

So you have your goals, you know exactly how you’ll get people interested in your business. The problem is, you’re so excited about your business, you think everyone you meet will be and so you enthusiastically tell them everything in one go – in a way, you’re puking all over them with your business details (not a very nice analogy, but I hope you get the point!)

Would he be Interested in your Business?

Put yourself in their shoes. A stranger approaches you, introduces him/herself, and before you know it, they’re telling you about an exciting new venture you can join and how brilliant it is! It may be about skincare products, finance packages, vitamin supplements, whatever. Problem is, if you don’t care about any of these things, why on earth would you be interested.

If you really want a Thai dinner, no amount of someone telling you pizzas are great would make you change your mind. It’s like that with everything – if the person you’re speaking to doesn’t have any interest in what you’re saying, they’ll just switch off. So you’ve made your pitch, got another “no” and your confidence has gone again.

Yes, you need people to make your business succeed, but make sure you approach the right people. I don’t want someone trying to sell me a new car when I’ve just bought one or I’m happy with what I have. But if my car keeps breaking down, then I am interested.

Be circumspect – find out whether the person you’re speaking with is looking for another business opportunity, does that potential customer actually value what you have to sell. If a person doesn’t care about vitamins or skincare, then don’t bother telling them or persuading them. It’s mentally wearing and can break your confidence.

A better strategy is to go to those places where people will be interested – say beauty salons or health spas if you’re promoting such products. It’s like the car analogy – there are people interested in what you have to offer so find them first and then give them all the details. They’ll love your excitement and enthusiasm and will listen to what you have to say. This way your confidence in yourself and what you have to offer will increase.

Score the Goals

It’s very important to always set goals for your business. It’s like this, if you went to buy a train ticket and didn’t know your destination, you wouldn’t get very far! It’s the same for your business – is it going to a specific destination, or wandering aimlessly all over the place?

There’s no point saying I want to be successful and hoping that it’ll just happen. Do you think the big leaders out there like Richard Branson, Alan Sugar or Donald Trump created multi-million businesses by just hoping things would work out? Of course not, they had business plans, goals, expected projections, etc –  basically a route to follow.

It’s the same for you – you want a clear cut route to your success via your goals. This helps you focus on the actions you need to take to expand your business.

For goal setting you first decide what you want to achieve in a year or 6 months and work backwards from there. Let’s say you want to be earning 10K a  month 6 months from now. Sit down with your upline and work out how many prospects will have to be converted, how many customers you’ll need to make that much money in 6 months. This will give you an idea of how many people you’ll need to find within 6 months. Then work backwards from there, so how many people will you need to find in 3 months to get you there, then 1 month, then for each week in that month and that way you’ll find out the steps you have to take now.

The example above is for my particular business If yours works differently, then pick a goal for you and work out in the same way how your business will get you there.

I hope you can see that setting goals is essential to be successful. Focusing you’re energy and attention on them will definitely do more for your business than just hoping you’ll meet the right people and that things will work out.