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Become Financially Free!

Many of us want financial freedom and security but don’t know how to get there. I help people achieve the life of their dreams by being part of a great networking business. By working with me, you will have:

  • Flexible working hours – part-time or full-time.
  • You can be your own boss and decide how you want to spend your time.
  • You can help people with their health and appearance so that they’ll look and feel younger.
  • You’ll get a passive recurring income where the sky’s the limit. (Ever dreamed of earning £100,000+ a year? By working with me, you’ll have the opportunity to achieve that)
  • You’ll help people achieve the same.

I work in partnership with a company called Nuskin to introduce revolutionary products in the anti-ageing and health supplements arena that help people look and feel younger.

Do you know anyone who is ageing and would like to reduce their wrinkles, cellulite and have more energy? Many of us want to grow older and retain our vitality and looks. This is now possible with a brand new technology called AgeLOC (developed by Nuskin scientists) which stops ageing at the source. It’s the iPod of the anti-ageing industry and has totally revolutionized how we age.

The AgeLOC Galvanic Spa is a hand-held device which uses gels to increase the production of collagen, elastin and hydration so that our skin gets that fresh, toned look again. It also reduces the appearance of wrinkles. You’ll look years younger in a matter of weeks!
To find out more, visit my website:


To set up a meeting to find out more about joining my team please email me via malti@maltiwealth.com

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve health, wealth and happiness!

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Why Your Attitude Matters

Your attitude to life and your goals is everything. A great quote from “Three Feet From Gold” by Sharon L. Lechter and Greg S. Reid is :

“10% of your attitude is determined by what life hands you and 90% by how you choose to respond.”

Reading about the athletes in the Paralympics in London this year, the one thing which stood out was the way they chose to handle being disabled. Many of them had accidents which meant they lost limbs but they decided to embrace life and carry on regardless. They could just as easily have decided life was unfair and become negative and resentful but instead they chose the opposite.

Have A Bright Attitude

All of us have a choice as to how to respond everytime something bad happens. Learn to choose the positive aspect, to carry on whatever the setback and we will overcome all obstacles thrown in our way.

Choosing to be positive means that our attitude is always upbeat and we know we can achieve our goals whatever happens.

Why a Change of Perspective Can Help

So you’ve enthusiastically started your MLM business and are excited about becoming financially free. Once you’ve gone through your list of family and friends who may be interested, what do you do? You get to the stage where you have to meet new people and get them interested in the products and the team. Many of us feel uncomfortable at this stage because then it may seem  like selling.

It actually isn’t, it’s just that our minds tell us we’re selling. But if you find the right clients, all you’re doing is telling them about something they could be interested in. If you’re selling health supplements and meet someone who’s dedicated to being healthy, why wouldn’t they want to know about what you have to offer? It would be wrong not to tell them about it!

It’s selling if you’re trying to force you’re products and business opportunity down the throats of people who aren’t interested in what you have to offer. That’s coming across as a person desperate to make a sale.

Instead, have the viewpoint that there are many people out there who want what you have to offer and would love to hear about it. Get that mindset and confidence that you have something great to offer people and that you’re proud of this – see how different that feels to trying to sell something to anyone and everyone. A change of perspective will help you immensely!

Why It’s Important to Focus on Giving

If business isn’t going as well as we want, then the following saying from “Three Feet From Gold” by Sharon L. Lechter and Greg S. Reid can be profitable:

“Focus on your people more than your profits.”

This is similar to the quote from Zig Ziglar:

“You can have everything you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want!”

Your business is about providing a resource or service to other people, so focus more on how you can serve your clients than the profits you’ll get from them.

Focus on Excellent Service

People can pick up when you’re thinking more about the money you’ll get from them than on providing them with a good service. In that case, why would they do business with you?

Focusing on others gets your attention away from what your customers can give to you. Start thinking about how you can provide an excellent service to your clients above and beyond what they expect. Once your customers see that you have their best interests at heart, they’ll come to you and no doubt refer you to others.

How You Can Be an Olympian

Sometimes to succeed in business, we don’t need great business ability or skills, we just need persistence! There’s a great story that Harrison Ford became successful because he decided to stick around and wait for the others around him to give up!

We think that we should have a successful business in a few months, a year, etc when in reality it can take years to create such a business. The Olympics in London have just finished yet the athletes are already thinking about Rio in 2016! They know it’s years away yet they’ll still be out there day after day, in all weathers training for that one day. Their mindset is one of persistence and endurance. Even on the day itself they don’t know whether or not they’ll get a medal, but they keep training because of the vision and goal they have to succeed.

It’s the same with your business. You started it for a reason, and hopefully you have a vision of how it will look when it’s successful. OK, you don’t have a specific day when it’ll be successful but keep the flame of that vision alive when things get tough. Create the mindset of persistence – you will keep going and take the actions needed to become successful.

The thing is, why not spend the next 5 years creating a successful business as opposed to giving up now because things aren’t going to plan. What are you going to do for the next 5 years after you’ve given up – go back to what you were doing. Then you know that there’s no way you’ll succeed. Wouldn’t it be better to keep on trying? You will get somewhere with persistence, it may take a while, but isn’t that better than just giving up?

Be Financially Secure in your Retirement

Are you heading towards retirement? Have you got the financial security that you want in your pension? In this day and age, with the economy fluctuations and stocks and shares/currencies faltering, it’s hard to know whether or not we’ll have enough money for our retirement. Also, since we’re now living longer, it’s even harder to know whether our financial security will last.

Financially Free Forever

Building your own business within an MLM framework is a great way to get a recurring income which can help with our financial security in the years to come. You may have children you want to help through university/college. There’s much to think about financially, never mind whether or not our pension will cover us and give us the lifestyle we’re used to.

Direct selling is a great way to earn more money, all we really have to do is speak with people. Everything is taken care of in terms of products, we just build a team of people around us and help each other to become financial secure and free.

This is not something you do alone. We give you great support and along the way you meet wonderful people who will help you in all ways.

So if you’re heading towards retirement and aren’t sure if your pension will cover your needs or you need an extra income stream to help your family, then look into a direct selling company. If you want to know more about my company, then leave me a comment.

A Home Business For Mums

Are you a mum who’s looking for extra income whilst you’re at home bringing up the kids. Do you want a business which you can fit around your children and family commitments. Many successful career women take a break to raise their children, but at the same time they still want to keep their hands in business.

A Business That Gives You More Time

As your children grow, your commitments change and the time/hours you can spend in a business. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a job which was flexible enough to fit around children of any age and any number?

This is where the MLM model of business is fantastic. Since everything is taken care of in terms of products, we just have to build a team of people around us. Being a mum, you’re always around other mums, meeting people as you go out with the children, so you always have people to interest in your business. MLM is just about talking to people and anyone can do that.

This is not something you do alone. We give you great support and along the way you meet womderful people who will help you in all ways.

So if you’re a mum wanting to create a business around her family, or wanting some extra income, then look into a direct selling company. If you want to know more about my company, then leave me a comment.